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Currenlty new subscription is suspended. Founder Asks You for Help (Open Source Development Network) was founded in 2000, and now this open-source-software hosing service has become global. There are over 1.5million people using our service every month.

When the site was founded, it was called SourceForge.JP, and it was a service provided in Japanese language only. Then, as we strove to go along with the changes and various events that happened in the decades, we made a momentous decision to step up our game to transform into a global site in the midst of several of those turmoils (Our History). Ever since we made that decision, we constantly have been investing in all kinds of resources and funds to maintain safer and more stable service than any of the similar services out there.

When we started our service, we adopted the ad model as our method to sustain our funds. Around year 2000, when the community was wildly excited with the open-source movement, it was considered difficult to aim for a fee-based service. Also, it appeared ideal that the advertisement rate, which is generated by the behavior of the software users as they view the pages, should cover the open-source-software developers’ cost.

I still believe in this idea. That said, for a small organization like us who have been trying to maintain this site for open source, I honestly feel that it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with the situation that we need to heavily invest in ad tech and ad sales. Please think about it. Even you have a solution to increase the ad sales by 10%, if you need an additional human resource and investment, then you will lose the sense of purpose of why you are trying to maintain the site. All we want to do is to maintain and grow this site, as classic as it may be, which has existed since the beginning of the open source movement!

If I may use a similar wording of another site, let’s say we ask just 1% of the OSDN users to donate a dollar a year, then this site will thrive for another few years. Also, if we could ask 1% of the OSDN users to donate 5 dollars a year, then actually, we will be able to remove ads from the site. Also, if we could ask 1% of the OSDN users to donate 10 dollars a year, then we will be able to permanently develop features that are needed by open source projects to work as a team.

I don't think these things can happen right away, but it is no doubt that we must seek various options to increase our profits so that OSDN can continue to thrive. For this reason, now we have a sponsor program to support this service that provides flexible release system. Please consider helping us with just as much as you are willing to offer. Your consideration will be appreciated greatly.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. founder, Shuji Sado

Types of Sponsorship

There are different levels of sponsorship that are available to various sponsors from an individual to a big company, and of course a company can be a small sponsor, and an individual can be a corporate level sponsor. Also, at all levels we accept anonymous sponsorship.

  • All types of subscriptions above are set to renewal automatically. Whenever sponsorship needs to be stopped, please note that each sponsor is required to execute the cancellation on their own.
  • Regarding executing the Sponsor Benefits, an email message will be sent in five business days from the time of payment.
  • Issuance of bill and bank transfer payment is also a viable payment method. For any questions, please contact .


How will you use the funds raised through the sponsorship?

We will invest in fortifying servers, enhancing circuit capacity, and increasing staff members involved in maintenance and development. Currently, we manage our site with surprisingly low budget compared to other similar services or other non-profit organizations of other industries, so even a small amount of money raised through the sponsorship can help use immensely. Also, it will lead to not having to increase ad banners on OSDN at least any more than we already have. In addition, a part of the profit will be returned to the open source projects who are active on OSDN. On OSDN, we offer financial assistance to projects that ask for funds to support their activity. Sponsorship will also lead to helping those activities.

Is this a donation?

Legally, no. However, it is up to the sponsor, who use this program to support us, to think that it is a donation. .

OSDN Corporation, who runs, is a business corporation that has its headquarter in Japan, and therefore we must follow the Japanese laws. That said, the Japanese laws in regards to donations are very weak, and that is making it difficult for us to raise donations from specific various individuals, and we can’t even place a PayPal donation button. We’d appreciate your understanding our unique situation.

Can I directly donate to a specific project?

There are projects that are making themselves available to donations. They have a donation button on the right of their project names. From there you should be able to find the link to their donation page.

Is there a privacy policy to your sponsorship program?

Basically we follow the privacy policy of our site, but in addition to that, personal information, such as email address, will not be shared with, sold to, or given away to a third party.

Why do I have to support a business corporation?

Please regard this sponsorship program as a way to indirectly support open source projects that are hosted on OSDN, and not us.

We are certainly a business corporation in Japan, but during our 20-decade long history, there were many times we managed to keep this organization going by not being a non-profit organization. OSDN also runs a news site business that targets other communities, but because it generates profits, we managed to maintain in a stable manner.

We will keep our organization small and not waste unnecessarily. We believe we run our business modestly, probably more modestly than most of any other non-profit organizations. Also, we may be legally registered as a business corporation, but our shareholders have never received a dividend since the corporation was founded, . All the profits are used to cover the expenses to manage.