Darktable 3.0 Released, new GUI brings about improved usability

December 24, Darktable development team announced Darktable 3.0. It is the latest major release. With a new GUI, there are a lot of feature improvements.

Darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer.  Darktable 3.0 is the latest major release following the version 2 series released in 2015 December.

The updated GUI is customizable via GTK+ CSS rules.  As it is provided with themes, Gtk C darktable code no longer has size, color and fixed positions.  There are multiple other themes besides the default ones.

As the New Timeline view is added to the lighttable, you can select a date range to display related images.  The rewrite of the lightable view, and filmstrip in darkroom have been carried out to improve the overall performance.  It now supports 4K/5k monitors, and the code optimization for CPU and SSE paths is brought forth.

Another great addition to the release is the filmic RBG module, which is an enhanced version of filmic introduced in 2.6.  Replacing global-tone mapping modules, such as base curve, shadows, and highlights, it brings about better usability, and therefore filmic module is now deprecated.

There is a new module called 3D lut, which handles 3D RGB lut transformations, and many other new modules such as tone equalizer, RGB curve, RGB levels, and basic adjustments.  Greatly improved denoise module offers high-performance default settings in most cases.

Darktable 3.0 supports Window, Linux, MacOS, BSD, Solaris11, GNOME, and others.  It is available on the project’s website.