PyPy 7.3 Released, offering binaries pre-linked to necessary library for x86 Linux

December 24, PyPy development team announced the release of the latest version PyPy 7.3.

PyPy is a fast python-execution environment, which is an alternative to CPython.  The most distinct feature is that it is implemented with a language called RPython.  It has other special features such as its high speed brought forth by JIT compiler, great efficiency of memory usage, and stackless mode.

PyPy 7.3 is the latest version following PyPy7.2 released in October.  There are two releases; PyPy2.7, which is compatible with 2.7. 13, and PyPy3.6, which is compatible with Python 3.6.9.

This version offers PyPy binaries pre-linked to all the necessary binaries for x86 Linux.  Also, CFFI (C Foreign Function Interface) backend is updated to 1.13.1.  When using C, it is recommended to use CFFI instead of C extensions.

Cppyy, which is an automatic C++ bindings generator, has been updated to version 1.10.6.  There are other improvements such as better template resolution and enum handling.  It is advised to use cppyy for wrapping C++ code with Python. 

Also there have been many bugs fixed.