Apache Wicket 8.7 Released, the latest version of Java Web framework

January 7, Apache Wicket development team released the latest Apache Wicket 8.7.0.

Apache Wicket is a web application framework for Java. Launched in 2004, it started as a java serverside web framework. Component oriented with high level security which protects confidential information from leaking, it is equipped with features like AJAX component, which describes AJAX application without having to write JavaScript,

Apache Wicket 8.7.0 is the latest minor release of v8, which was released in 2018. It is required that Java must be v8 or above, and Java servlet API must be v3.1 or above.

Its primary focus is on bug fixes. Crash in Unsafe.getObject while running on IBM J9 VM, and JavaSerializer.serialize that causes Java VM to crash are fixed.

Also, bugs regarding Websocket Endpoint logs and URL decode are fixed.

Apache Wicket 8.7 is available on the project website.

Apache Wicket