Node.js 13.6.0 Released

January 7, Node.js development team released the latest version Node.js 13.6.0 (Current).

Node.js is a JavaScript execution environment that provides V8 JavaScript engine, runtime library, and more. Node.js 13.6 is the latest stable version of the v13 series, which was released in 2019 October on Current branch. As Node.js project offers both Current branch, which introduces the latest features, and the stable LTS (long term support version), on the same date, it also released Node.js 12.14.1 (Erbium), the updated LTS version.

Newly included assert modules are assert.match() and assert.doesNotMatch(), which are dedicated functions for checking regular expressions. is introduced for asynchronous iterations events. It also supports error event monitoring.

The fs module, which provides file system API, is implemented with strengthened stream feature. Also with modules like repl and tls, there are small improvements.

Node.js 13.6 installers, binaries, Docker images and source code for Windows, Linux, and MacOS are available on the project’s website.