IPFire 2.23 Core Update 139 Released

January 9, IPFire development team announced the release of IPFire 2.23 Core update 139, a firewall system based on Linux.

IPFire is a Linux distribution to build software firewall based on Linux. As it is equipped with IPS besides the firewall, it provides protection against DDoS attacks and attacks via the internet. One of its features is extensibility.

IPFire 2.23 Core 139 is the latest version, following IPFire 2.23 Core 137, which was released in 2019 November. Dialup scripts have been cleaned up in order to improve the booting up and reconnecting problems. It can avoid unnecessary delays after the system received DHCP leased from ISP, and the time for reconnecting can be shortened.

There are improvements on IPS and TLS. As IPS is bettered with some bug fixes, now it can fetch information as to which DNS servers are being used in order to take advantage of DNS analysis. When connecting to web user interface, now it is no longer allowed to use CBS as the cipher mode. Instead, now GCM is available. As the cipher technology when SSL/TLS connection is established, it used to be ChaCha20/Poly1305 that was preferred, but as AESNI is becoming more and more popular, the preference has switched to AES.

There are also small improvements added to Captive Portal, and Dynamic DNS, and more. Python package is updated to 2.7.17, and bash to 5.0.