CentOS 8-1911 Released, compatible environment derived from RHEL 8.1

January 15, CentOS development team announce the latest release “CentOS Linux 8 (1911)”. It is a distribution derived from “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1”.

CentOS is a Linux Distribution that aims to have100% compatibility with Red hat distribution “Red Hat Enterprise Linux”. CentOS Project has been getting the support from Red Hat since 2014.

CentOS 8 1911 is derived from “Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.1”, which was released in early November 2019. It is equipped with features such as kernel live-patching, which was introduced in RHEL 8.1, and container focused enhancements including security.

Note that US Oracle “Oracle Linux”, which similarly aims to have complete compatibility with RHEL, already released “Oracle Linux 8 Update 1” in mid November 2019. Another RHEL clone OS “Scientific Linux” announced their discontinuing of the project in the spring of 2019.

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