Canonical Announced “Anbox Cloud”

January 21, Canonical announced Anbox Cloud, a mobile cloud computing platform. It is a service that offers Android environment that runs in a container. It is suitable for playing cloud games.

Anbox Cloud is a service that offers containerized workloads which uses Android as guest operating system. By using it, you can distribute applications from the cloud. It can securely distribute mobile applications at scale.

Applications distributed on Anbox Cloud are executed on the cloud side, so less resources are used on the device. Given examples of use include cloud games distributed via cloud, enterprise workspace applications, running software test, and virtualization of mobile devices.

Because it uses LXD for container technology, it can offer densely virtualized Android environment. It uses Canonical technologies, such as MASS for remote infrastructure provisioning, and Juju for automation tools like implementation management.

By partnering with hardware vendors like Ampere and Intel, who produce ARM series processors, and Packet, who offers cloud service, Canonical provides the best density, GPU models, cost efficiency, and supports for building services on Anbox Cloud.

Anbox Cloud