Google released OpenSK, a platform for creating original 2FA security key

January 30, Google released an open-source platform OpenSK, which allows developers to build original security key function.

OpenSK is a platform written in Rust, a programming language developed by Mozilla, and implemented using TockOS. It is based on FIDO U2F and FIDO2, which are 2FA standards. By combining them with a dongle, you can build your own 2FA system.

Tock with its sandboxed architecture, and Rust with strong memory safety, executing code implemented with Rust on Tock can improve security. They also developed a storage system compatible with flash memory, which is already contributed to TockOS repository.

A verified dongle, nRF52840 Dongle, which lets you create original security key by writing OpenSK firmware, can be purchased from Nordic Semiconductor. As it supports all major protocols like FIDO2, it is chosen as the early reference hardware.

Google hopes that by releasing OpenSK as a research platform, it will be used by researchers, security key manufacturers, and enthusiasts, and that will bring forth innovative ideas to accelerate security key adoption.

Google OpenSK