Rust 1.41 Released

January 30, the development team of Mozilla programming language Rust announced the release of Rust 1.41.0.

Rust is a compiler-type programming language which Mozilla takes the lead to develop. Its features are focused on improving the performance, reliability, and productivity of developers.

Rust 1.41 is the latest version following version 1.40, which was released in December 2019. This version relaxed the restrictions for trait implementation. Before the change, whenever a new trait with dependency was added, the “orphan”rule was applied. As this rule was unnecessarily restrictive, it was relaxed.

As to package management tool Cargo, “Cargo install” command, which is used when installing a binary crate (package) to the system or installing implemented tools with RUST, has been improved. For example, if an expired crate is installed, then it gets updated automatically.

Cargo.lock file, which records crate dependency, version, and checksum, had its format changed to make it easier to manage using version management tools like Git. Until now, when dependency was changed with another branch and then merged afterward, it sometimes generated conflicts. However, by changing the format, now these conflicts are avoided.

There are many more improvements, including some library changes. Note that Rust 1.41 will be the last version to officially support 32-bit Apple machines. Also please be warned that from the next version (Rust 1.42.0), 32-bit Apple machines will go down in the priority list.

Rust 1.41 is available on the project website.