Neo4j Graph Database 4 Released

February 4, the development team of No4j, a graph database, announced the GA release of Neo4j Graph Database 4.0 (development code Aura).  There are great improvements added to the release including the new responsive architecture.

Neo4j, open-source graph database, is developed by Neo4j.  This graph database records not only the data but also the relationship of the data, and it is equipped with native graph storage and processing engine.  By using these, you can build applications that utilize interconnected dataset in real time.

Neo4j Graph Database 4.0 is the latest major release following version 3, which was released in April 2016.  It introduces the new Neo4j Reactive Architecture.  As it was developed based on message-oriented concept, which aims to further improve the responsiveness, it reactively handles queries.  For example, it allows data streamed from Neo4J to be managed dynamically.  This architecture is applied throughout the stack to make it robust and elastic.

It supports multi database, and now it can execute multiple database online in parallel on clusters and servers.  Also introduced is the new Neo4j Fabric, which lets you distribute queries over multi-databases.

As it introduces schema based data security model, it has enhanced security.  It allows access control against clusters/ servers/ graph components, it has got great features like ACCESS commands via role-based access control and database-level access.  Coherent security rules can be applied on clusters and sync the settings.

There are many other improvements.  The community version of Neo4j Graph Database 4 is available on Neo4j website.