Unicode 13 Released

March 10, Unicode Consortium announced the latest version 13 of the Unicode standard. It includes 5930 new characters, and now there are in total 143,859 characters.

Unicode 13.0 is the successor of Unicode 12.0, which came out in March 2019. It now provides support for scripts and characters like ‘Yezidi’, historically used in Iraq and Georgia, ’Chorasmian’, used in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, and ‘Khitan Small Script’, used in North China. As to CJK Unified Ideographs, 4,939 are added to Extension G.

As they have been adding more and more emojis, there are 55 new emojis, like smiling face with tear, gender-neutral hug, and olive. It also includes many symbols like Creative Common license symbols.

The Unicode 13 standard, annex, and data files are available on the Unicode Consortium website.

Unicode Consortium