React.js Application Framework ‘Next.js 9.3’ Released

March 10, the development team of Next.js, React.js application framework, released ‘Next.js 9.3’. It introduces improvement in Static Site Generation (SSG) feature, which statically generates contents, and Preview Mode.

Next.js is a web application framework developed by ZEIT, offered as a web application framework. It is a JavaScript framework for building UI, used in combination with React.js. It can be used for creating desktop and mobile applications. It is licensed under MIT.

Next.js is the latest release of the 9th series, first released in July 2019.

Next.js is equipped with both Server Side Rendering (SSR), which dynamically creates HTML elements within the page when the server receives a request, and SSG. It enhanced the Automatic Static Optimization feature introduced in the 9th series, and introduced getStaticProps and getServerSideProps as new methods to fetch contents. It is added with getStaticPaths, which provides parameters to generate static pages for dynamic routes. As it introduces getStaticProps, it is added with the preview mode that circumvents the statically generated page to display drafts.

Introducing SCSS format support for Global Stylesheets, it now allows direct import of SCSS files . With ‘.module.scss’, it also supports CSS Modules, which uses .module.scss file naming convention.

There are many other small new features.