Git 2.26 Released, default backend of the git rebase has been changed

March 22, the development team of distributed version control system Git announced the latest release of ‘Git 2.26.0’.  There is a change added to the rebase mechanism, and the new release introduces many feature enhancements.

Git 2.26 is the latest version following Git 2.25, which was released in January.  Most notable is the change added to the rebase mechanism.  The “apply” backend used to be the default, but in this release, “merge” backend is the default.  These backends behave differently, so if your workflow gets affected, it is recommend that you change the “rebase.backend” configuration variable to “apply” in order to go back to the former default.

As to “Transport Protocol”, which exchanges data between repositories, “Transport Protocol V2” has become the default.  Because Transport Protocol v2 is designed to be command oriented, it allows reusing the connection after the command is executed.

In regards to “git name-rev” functionality, memory footprint is lower, and performance is better. The way “git pack-objects” reuses objects to generate results has been improved.  The error message for “git submodule add” has been improved.  The limitation which did not allow using threaded grep when searching in objects has now been lifted.  They continue with their efforts to move “git-add–interactive” to C.

The command line completion learned subcommands and arguments for “git worktree”. “Git rm” and “git stash” learned a new option “–pathspec-from-file”.  There are many other improved commands.

Git 2.26 is available on the project website.