“NetBSD 8.2” Released

April 2, the NetBSD project released the latest GA version “NetBSD 8.2”.  It is available on the project website.

NetBSD is a UNIX-based OS with speed and safety.  Because this 4.4BSD-Lite2 based operating system features high portability, it is implemented into various hardware architectures.

NetBSD 8.2 is the GA release of the 8th series, released in July 2018.  By the way, “NetBSD 9.0” is the latest branch, released in February.

NetBSD 8.2 focuses on bug fixes, and it includes Hyper-V Gen.2 frame buffer support for x86.  Bug which occurred during booting old CPUs has been fixed, and tftp support for EFI boot is added.  Multiboot 2 support is added to x86 bootloaders. 

In regards to security, various kernel-memory-information leaks have been fixed.  For CVE-2019-9506, it responded to the “Key Negotiation of Bluetooth”  attack.  It has been reported that various security issues with httpd(8) have been fixed.

Package collection expat has been updated to version 2.2.8.  There are also improvements added to GPU drivers such as nouveau and radeon.

The NetBSD Project