Java to JavaScript Compiler “CheerpJ 2.1” Released

April 6, development team of “CheerpJ”, a compiler that converts Java to JavaScript, released the latest major update “CheerpJ 2.1”.

CheerpJ is a converter tool that can compile and execute Java bytecode to JavaScript.  It is developed and released on open source by Learning Technologies.  It can generate JavaScript code directly from the binary without the Java source code, and it also comes with Java runtime environment.

Version 2, released in February, introduced WebAssembly support in its runtime environment, and this version follows that path with new optimizations and improved bidirectional interoperability with JavaScript.

New optimizations have been introduced in Java exception handling, which are compiled to much more efficient JavaScript code.  Native Java reflection calls have been optimizedl, so there is less overhead, compared with standard Java calls.  Also, the bidirectional interoperability between Java and JavaScript has been improved, along with enhanced robustness of the compiler.

CheerpJ 2.1 is available on the project website.