Open-Source Learning Management System “Moodle 3.9” Released, introducing MoodleNet for sharing teaching resources

June 15, the development project of the open-source learning management system “Moodle” released the latest version Moodle 3.9. This release introduces MoodleNet, social networking feature that allows educators to share teaching materials.

Moodle, an open-source LMS for educators, managers, and students, is developed by Moodle Pty in Australia. Bringing forth durability and safety, it makes it possible to build personal learning environment.

The latest version Moodle 3.9 is a successor of version 3.8, released in November 2019. It is a long-term support release.

This release comes with the ability to handle contents created on JavaScript-base content collaboration framework “H5P”. It also provides “Content Bank” for uploading and storing H5P contents.

The new “MoodleNet”, open-source social network that allows educators to share teaching resources, has been launched. By logging into MoodleNet from within Moodle, users can avail themselves of the resources and activities shared by the members.

Safe Exam Browsers (SEB) is an (experimental) safe assessment environment that restricts access from external browsers. It is available by default in Moodle Quiz settings.

It has improved the course-copy feature Course Copy. It has also improved the filtering functionality on the participants’ page to simplify the process of filtering students.

It includes many other improvements.