Open-Source Paint Software “Krita 4.3” Released

June 18, the development team of Krita, open-source paint software, released the latest stable version “Krita 4.3.0”.

Open-source paint software Krita runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Krita 4.3 is the latest release of the v4 series, first released in 2018. Krita 4.3 is a succeeding major release of v4.2 released in May 2019.

There is a new color mode option in the gradient map filter, and the bug that caused memory leaks has been fixed. The new Palettize filter, which is similar to the Gradient map filter uses a palette to determine the colors, and the new high pass filter makes images sharper.

Animation tools have been improved. Render Animation dialog brings better export options, layer selections, and other features. Improved animation caching enables smoother replay and scrubbing. There are many other small improvements

As to RGBA brushes, users can now configure the opacity and lightness separately. The pixel brush engine is almost 20% faster.

The precision and operability of the color selector have been improved. The bug found in loading and showing over 4096 color palette has been fixed to show the colors correctly.

It now includes snapshot docker, which allows users to save certain states into docker and toggle between them.

On Android, Samsung’s Air actions are now supported.

It includes over 1000 bug fixes and brings improved performance and stability.