Perl 5.32 Released

June 20, the Perl development team announced the release of “Perl 5.32”, the latest version of the programming language. It introduces support for Unicode 13.0.

Perl 5.32 is the successor of 5.30, released in May 2019. It contains 220,000 lines of changes across 1800 files from nearly 90 authors.

This release adds support for Unicode 13.0. New Unicode properties Identifier_Status and Identifier_Type are supported.

The “isa” operator, which tests whether a given object is an instance of a given class or a derived class of it, is introduced experimentally.

Script Runs are no longer an experimental feature. Also feature checks in the parser are now faster.

POSIX::mblen(), mbtowc, and wctomb are improved. These functions now work on shift state locales and are thread-safe in c99 and above compilers when executed on a platform that has locale thread-safety.

Perl has reported that Perl is now developed on GitHub. Security issues should continue to be reported and documented in perlsec.

Perl 5.32 is available for download from CPAN mirror.