Redis Labs Announces RedisRaft, a module that turns Redis into a fault-tolerant module

June 23, Redis Labs, project that develops memory database Redis, announced the Redis module “RedisRaft”. It turns multiple Redis servers into a fault-tolerant cluster. It is expected to be released as a preview in a few months.

RedosRaft is a new module that turns collection of Redis servers into a single fault-tolerant cluster. This makes it possible to use Redis in scenarios that require high level of reliability and consistency.

RedisRaft started as a side project shortly before the release of Redis 5 in 2018. As a new way to use module API introduced in version 4, it is expected to extend Redis in new directions. The project aims to offer the level of reliability and consistency on par with Apache ZooKeeper, Etcd, and other well-known data stores.

RedisRaft is implemented in C. RedisRaft makes it possible for the cluster to use the existing clients, libraries, data types. Based on the Raft Consensus Algorithm, it adjusts the consistency between nodes.

Currently, basic functionality is in place, and the project is working toward the first preview in a few months. It will be released under dual-license, either GNU AGPLv3 or Redis Source Available License.

Redis Labs