Web Application Framework “Angular 10” Released

June 25, the development team of the web application framework Angular released the latest major released “Angular 10”.

Angular is a TypeScript-based web application framework for building web, mobile, and desktop applications. It is supported by major IDEs, and you can use declarative templates and push models like RxJS and Immutable.js.

The latest major release Angular 10 is the successor of Angular 9 released in February. This release was developed in a shorter period than usual, and it is smaller.

Angular Material includes the new Data Range Picker. It now sends a warning for CommonJS import, to alert that dependency package with Common JS could result in a larger slower application.

When creating a new workspace with ng new, there is an optional stricter settings that offer a more-strict project settings. Enabling the (-strict) flag initializes the new project. Strict mode is enabled in TypeScript. This improves maintainability to help catch bugs ahead of time. There are many other small functionality enhancements.

Angular development team has been working at the pace of putting out two releases a year. The upcoming Angular 11 is scheduled to come out in the fall of 2020.