Cloud Foundry Released “cf CLI v7”,  command-line interface

June 24, Cloud Foundry Foundation announced “cf CLI v7”, a command-line interface for open-source PaaS platform “Cloud Foundry”.

Cloud Foundry is governed by Cloud Foundry Foundation, and cf CLI is the command-line interface (CLI) for Cloud Foundry. Developers can use this to enter simple commands to perform complex tasks. It is licensed under the Apache License 2 and offers binary installers for Windows, macOS, Debian, and Red Hat.

cf CLI v7 is the first major release since v6 came out in 2014. This release focuses on simplifying sophisticated development and deployment.

This release includes support for rolling app deployment with commands like push, restart, restage, and copy-source. It used to be that multiple CLI commands had to be combined in order to update applications without incurring downtime, but now push supports rolling deployment with the new option“–strategy rolling”.

Now cf push command can run only a subset of bundled commands independently. It uploads code to the system and detects and installs required runtime and middleware.  

Now a single command can push applications that run multiple processes. It also supports pushing applications with sidecar processes, which run additional processes in the same container.

Now metadata can be added to the Cloud Foundry objects. It supports operating, monitoring, and logging large-scale Cloud Foundry deployment.

It includes many other improvements.

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