Git Repository Manager “GitLab 13.1.4” Released

July 9, GitLab released the latest stable version of the Git repository manager “GitLab 13.1.4”. This release focuses on bug fixes.

GitLab is a Git repository manager. As a toolchain, it is built-in with package management, configuration, monitoring, DevOps, and CI/CD features. GitLab is available in two editions. One is the open-source Community Edition, and the other is Enterprise Edition, which offers additional advanced features and support in return for a subscription fee.

GitLab 13.1.4 is a point release of version 13.1, released in June. Git Lab v13 series came out in June.

In this release, ‘code_navigation’ has been enabled for feature specs. It has also fixed the problem that the merge request approval button style gets changed inadvertently.

Also, the problem that the existing ‘application_settings.repository_storages_weighted’ doesn’t get updated properly during migration has been fixed.