Open-Source Java Framework “Apache Wicket v9” Released

July 15, Apache Software Foundation “ASF” announced the latest major release of the open-source Java framework “Apache Wicket v9.0.0”. The minimum requirement for Java is version 11, and this release includes many feature improvements.

Apache Wicket is an open-source Java framework for web designers to create rich websites and applications. Apache Wicket v9 is a major release after v8, released in 2018.

It supports Java v11 and above. It supports CSP (Content Security Policy) , which protects applications from  malicious scripts and unauthorized code execution. It is enabled by default, and allows custom levels with flexible API.

It brings a restructured internal page storing mechanism along with a simplified design. This release has renewed the ModalDialog, an implementation of modal window component. The old ModalDialog still remains, but it has been deprecated and will be be removed in the future.

JUnit is updated to version 5, and CDI to version 2.0.

Apache Wicket development team also mentioned that by being a part of the OpenJDK Quality Outreach initiative, which promotes the testing of open-source projects with JDK Early Access builds, it has already tested with OpenJDK 11/14/15 (Early Access).

Apache Wicket v9 is available for download from the project website.

Apache Wicket