Serverless Framework 1.75.0 Released

The Serverless Framework released the latest version of the serverless application framework “Serverless Framework 1.75.0”. 

Serverless Framework is a framework to build applications made up of microservices. By using services like “AWS Lambda”, “Google Cloud Functions”, and “Google Cloud, developers can create on a serverless model, and deploy. It scales automatically, so the cost for maintaining application is limited, which allows developers to focus on the logic. It offers two different editions. One is the open-source edition, released under the MIT License, and the other is the “Pro” edition, which provides advanced features in return for a fee.

Serverless Framework 1.75.0 is the latest release after v1.74, released in June. TypeScript template is improved and azure-nodejs template is upgraded to version 2.

As it requires Node.js version 10 and above, it deprecated the previous versions that are no longer maintained. It has also enhanced AWS HTTP API and AWS API Gateway. As to AWS Deploy, it now supports customization of request retries. It fixed many bugs found in CLI and other features.

The Serverless Framework