Debian 9.13 has been released, the last release of the 9 series

July 18, the Debian Project released the latest stable version of GNU/Linux OS “Debian 9.13”. It is the last release of the v9 series. This release focuses on security-related fixes.

Debian 9.13 is the latest version of Debian 9 “Stretch”, which came out in June 2017. This 13th release is the last one in the v9 series. As a side note, Debian team released version 10 “buster” in July 2019, and the upcoming Debian 11 “Bullseye” is currently work in progress.

This latest release is the successor of Debian 9.12, released in February. In this release, antivirus service for c-icap (an implementation of ICAP server) now supports ClamAV 0.102, an open-source antivirus engine.

D-Bus adds a fix to prevent DDoS attacks and use-after-free (UAF) vulnerabilities when two usernames share a user identifier (uid).

Furthermore, this release has fixed security problems found in many packages such as CUPS, nfs-utils, and file-roller.

Debian security and release team will no longer produce updates for Debian 9. They recommend users who wish to continue receiving security fixes to update to Debian 10 series.