“TypeScript 4.0” Released

August 20, Microsoft announced the programming language “TypeScript 4.0”.

TypeScript extends JavaScript adding static types to the language. It can perform type checking before you run code, and the code works on any browser and OS that JavaScript runs.

TypeScript is developed by Microsoft and is released under the Apache License 2.

TypeScript 4.0 is the major release after v3.0, released in July 2018.

This release introduces the variadic tuple type. Spreads in tuple types syntax can now be generic, and inference is improved. Tuple types can now provide labels.

When noImplicitAny is enabled, TypeScript can now use control flow analysis to determine the types of properties in classes.

It has improved the speed of the build mode. By fixing the problem in which previous compile speed gets drastically reduced with error under –incremental when using –noEmitOnError, this release has boosted the speed. Before this change, none of the information from the last compilation didn’t get cached in a .tsbuildinfo file, but now it obtains the cache.

It adds improvements to the editor. The area where optional chaining is available is extended by refactoring, and it now detects /** @deprecated * comments. It brings a new partial semantic mode, which you can choose when starting, and this will reduce the startup times on bigger projects.

This release adds many more feature improvements.