UI Framework for React “Ant Design 4.6” Released

August 23, the developers behind Ant Design, a UI design language and framework, rolled out its latest release “Ant Design 4.6”.

Ant is a UI design language for web applications, with a set of React components. It is written in TypeScript and includes design resources and development tools. It supports major browsers and server-side rendering. It is one of Alibaba’s open-source projects.

This latest release Ant Design 4.6 is the successor of v4.5, released at the end of July.

It introduces the new image component. Now table support is added to sticky header and scroll bar.

This release adds small enhancements and bug fixes to form, cascade, badge, text, typography, and other features.

On 25, they have also released version 4.6.1, which includes a bug fix for TypeScript.

Ant Design