“GitLab 13.3.2” Released

August 28, GitLab announced the latest release of the Git repository manager “GitLab 13.3.2”. This minor release focuses on bug fixes.

GitLab is a platform for software development projects, with Git repository manager at its core. GitLab provides a complete CI/CD toolchain with features like source code management, code review, package, and management, all delivered as a single application.

GitLab 13.3.2 is the latest point release after v13.3, released in August.

V13.3 introduced nearly 70 new features, including the feature to create a matrix of jobs using a simple syntax, Kubernetes Pod health dashboard, the feature to create and manage IT incidents, and SAST security analyzers.

13.3.2 focuses on bug fixes. It has fixed 5 big issues, for example, it now prevents accidental group deletion when path rename fails, and snippet save button is disabled with empty file path.