Package Manager “Portage 3.0” Released by Gentoo, removed support for Python 2.7

September 5, the developers team behind the Linux distribution “Gentoo” released its package manager “Portage 3.0”.

Portage is a package manager and distribution system used for Gentoo’s Linux distribution. Gentoo can operate not only in desktop, but also in server, development workstation, game system, and other various applications, and it is positioned as the core technology that makes it possible.

Portage is based on Ports collection, which is a set of makefiles and patches provided by the BSD-based operating systems. In order to let PMS define its behavior, it allows alternative package managers to be used. Portage is released under the GPL v2.

This latest release has removed its support for Python 2.7. This is a part of the effort by the Gentoo’s Python project to clean up Python 2 series in regards to the main repository.

As a side effect of removing Python 2.7, it can now make use of the lru_cache decorator functionality. Moreover, by applying a small-scale patch, they say that Portage should be 50 to 60% faster.