“Angular 10.1” Released, improved the performance of compiler

September 2, the developers team behind the web framework Angular released “Angular 10.1.0”, the latest stable version of the 10 series. It brings better performance and small improvements.

Angular is an open-source development framework for web applications. It is developed by Google. Based on TypeScript, it is used for developing web, mobile, and desktop applications. It is supported by major IDEs, and it can make use of declarative templates and push models like RxJS and Immutable.js.

Angular 10.1 is the latest point please of the version 10 series, released in June.

This release has improved the performance in the compiler-cli compiler. They made it happen by fixing performance regressions affecting incremental program usage and adding improvements like not emitting template guards when child scope is empty. TypeScript 4.0 support is added to the compiler-cli compiler, and SourceFile.getOriginalLocation() is added to sourcemaps package. This release also adds options to report errors when assigning to restricted input fields.

Even on the router side, prioritizedGuardValue, an operator that optimizes CanLoad guard, has been applied to improve the performance.

There are many other bug fixes and small improvements.