“Qt 5.15.1” Released, with over 400 bug fixes

September 10, the developers team of “Qt” released the latest version “Qt 5.15.1”. Qt is a framework for developing cross-platform user interface.

Qt 5.15.1 is the first point release of Qt 5.15, released at the end of May. Qt 5.15 is an LTS version with three-year support. It includes bug fixes only, and there are no new features. There are over 400 bug fixes included in this release.

This release has fixed problems related to QtRemoteObject, such as client not connecting on server restart and QtWebengine build failing to compile with Visual Studio 2017/2019. Qt developers team plans to release the next major release Qt 6 in 2020.

On the same day, Qt also released “Qt Design Studio 1.6”, the latest version of the UI design and development tool. Qt Quick 3D, a high-level 3D API for Qt Quick, is improved. It is now easier to setup materials and assign textures. Also, there are improvements added to the connection editor, transition editor, flow view, and other features.

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