JavaScript Framework “Vue.js 3” Released

September 19, the developers team of the JavaScript framework “Vue.js” announced its latest major release “Vue 3.0 One Piece”. Its codebase is rewritten in TypeScript, and it introduces the Composition API for Vue to be used in large scale applications.

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building UI and web applications. It supports all browsers that are ES5 compliant. It hails the concept of “progressive framework”, which is incrementally adaptable with easy learning curve. There are over 1.3 million users.

Vue.js 3.0 is a major release after Vue.js 2.0, released in 2016. The development code “One Piece” is named after the manga “ONE PIECE”. Over the course of two years of development, it received over 2,600 commits from 99 developers.

The internal modules were rewritten into a collection of decoupling modules. This can enhance the maintainability, and tree-shaking which eliminates dead code can reduce the runtime capacity. Modules like compiler, core runtime, and reactivity (@vue/reactivity) can be used in advanced ways by exposing lower-level APIs.

This release brings better performance. Compared to Vue 2, its bundle size has gotten smaller ups to 41% lighter, with up to 54% less memory usage.

In addition to the object-based API introduced in the version 2 series, this release introduces the Composition API. It is a useful set of APIs for large scale applications, which used to be difficult with Optional API. Composition API enables logic composition and reuse similar to React hooks. This API can be used with Vue 2.x via the plugin.

This release brings improved support for TypeScript and full support for TSX. Codebase can be created in TypeScript, with automatically generated, tested, and bundled type definitions so they are always up-to-date. Type inference can be used when using Composition API, and the official VSCode extension “Vetur” supports template expressions.

Vue.js is available for download from the project website. It is licensed under the MIT License.