Web application framework “Angular 11” released

November 12, the developers team of Angular released the latest version of the web application framework “Angular 11.0.0”.

Angular, funded by Google, is a TypeScript-based web application framework for building web, mobile, and desktop applications. It is supported by major IDEs. It allows developers to quickly create features by using declarative templates and build data models by using push models like RxJS and Immutable.js. Angular 11 is the latest major release after version 10, released in June. Having removed support for TypeScript 3.9, and the latest release encourages upgrading to 4.0.

The Angular team has completed its initial goal of triaging issues and pull requests, known as the Operation Byelog (Bye Bye Backlog). The team stated that new issues reported will be triaged within two weeks. The latest release introduces automatic font inlining, which is now enabled by default. During compilation, Angular CLI will download and inline fonts that are used in the application. This release also introduces the parallel function that handles asynchronous parallel processing, and manualChangeDetection function, which allows fine control by disabling automatic change detection in unit tests. Angular 11 brings better performance.

This latest release has improved the Component Test Harnesses, which was first introduced in version 9 to provide developers a way to conduct tests for Angular Material components. Now, now it covers all of the components.

Now TSLint is deprecated, and developers are recommended to migrate to ESLint. This release has also improved its support for reporting and logging, Hot Module Replacement (HMR), and more. It experimentally introduces support for Webpack v5. With improved Language Services, it gives a sneak peek of Ivy-based language service from the current View Engine. This update is expected to bring improved accuracy. Support for Microsoft IE 9/10 is removed. Angular 11 only supports IE 11.

There are many other small feature improvements and bug fixes.