“Firefox 83.0” rolled out with improved JavaScript performance and HTTPS mode

November 17, Mozilla announced the latest release of the open-source web browser “Firefox 83.0”. It brings improved JavaScript performance and HTTPS mode.

Firefox 83 is the latest version after Firefox 82, released in October.

This release adds improvements to the JavaScript engine “SpiderMonkey” with the latest JIT compiler “Warp”, which is expected to bring faster page load time by max 15%, a 12% increase in responsiveness, and reduce memory use by max 8%. At the same time, it enhances the security and maintainability of the JavaScript engine. This release also introduces HTTPS-Only Mode. By turning it on, HTTPS is used for all connections. If a website does not support HTTPS, Firefox will ask for permission to allow HTTP connection. HTTPS-ONLY mode can be enabled from the preference panel. When playing a movie in picture-in-picture, now users can use shortcuts. By pressing arrow keys and control keys, users can fast forward, rewind, and control the volume. On Windows devices with a touch screen and Mac devices with a touchpad, users can now pinch zoom, using two fingers.

Firefox 83 has improved search features. It adds support for AcroForm, which allows users to fill in, print, and save supported PDF forms. For developers, it allows scroll badge to be used in the Page Inspector. Selecting the badge highlights elements that are causing overflow. Also, this release has fixed security problems and bugs.

The desktop version supports Linux, macOS, and Windows, and it is available for download from the project website. Firefox 83 for Android was also released on the same date.