Blender 2.9.1 with the new Boolean system

November 25, the developers team of Blender, open-source software for creating 3D CG, announced the latest major release “Blender 2.9.1”.

Blender 2.9.1 is the latest version of the 2.9 series, which came out in August. It is the fourth major release in 2020.

The cloth brush and filter in this release support collisions. Boolean system, which uses the scene colliders as regular physics simulation, is updated, and now it has Exact solver option, which can take on complicated tasks like handling overlapping geometry. However, as the Exact solver lacks speed, the old BMesh solver remains a Fast option. The updated Boolean system with the new Collection option can now handle the whole Collection as the Operated Type, the alternative to Object.

The Knife tool has been improved to better handle overlapping geometry. Blender 2.9.1 also brings enhancements in modifiers like the ocean modifier, UV Editor, curves, and more.

It introduces a new modifier for volume objects. The new Volume Displace modifier converts any mesh into a volume. In regards to animation, numerous improvements are added to FCurves, for example, a feature that converts Grease Pencil objects to 3D with one click.

This release includes many other improvements.