“Manjaro 20.2” Released

December 4, the developers team of Linux desktop Manjaro released the latest stable version “Manjaro 20.2 (Nibia)”. 

Manjaro is Arch Linux derived Linux distribution. Featuring ease of use, it targets users switching from Windows and macOS. Manjaro 20.2 is a point release of Manjaro 20.0, released in April. It is based on Linux kernel 5.9. It supports Xfce, KDE, and GNOME desktop environment. As to the GNOME edition, it supports Gnome 3.38, making new features available, such as performance enhancement, improved application grid, welcome tour, and parental control.

This release introduces improved Application-Utility. It makes it simpler to choose a browser, productivity suite, and password manager, and on top of that, it brings two new tiled window managers: the intuitive Pop-shell and Material-shell for touchscreens. You can enable them from Gnome-Layout-Switcher.

Keybindings are added with a better virtual desktop manager and other improvements. The automatic dark mode now allows more granular controls and lets you automatically change the theme of qt applications. Now Wayland is the default rather than x11 for all hardware except Nvidia.

Even the KDE edition is added with Wayland support, grid-like system tray, and other improvements. It provides Plasma 5.20 desktop environment, power saving options, improved settings-center, and more. In regards to the Xfce edition, this release supports version 4.14.

Manjaro installer Clamares now supports encrypted systems without encrypted/boot partition, which enables graphical password dialogs.