“Puma 5.1” Released, speedy web server for Ruby

November 30, the developers team of “PUMA”, a speedy web server for Ruby/Rack, released the latest version “PUMA 5.1.0”.

PUMA is a web server for Ruby, and the main features are its high-speed and parallel processing ability. Started as a Mongrel-derived project, PUMA supports Rack, which is a Ruby web server interface, and can run all Ruby implementations. Ragel extensions provide fast and accurate HTTP1.1 protocol parsing, and when compared to Rainbows! and Unicorn, it shows greater speed and memory-saving ability.

PUMA 5.1 is the first point release of the version 5 series, which rolled out in September. Phased restart availability is now always logged, even when it is not available.  

This release brings integration with systemd’s watchdog and notification feature. There is now an option to bind the activated socket by using the ability of systemd to display sockets as file descriptors. You no longer have to give explicit instruction to do so.

This release also adds compilation option to change the maximum length of the configuration query string QUERY_STRING.