GitLab 13.7 Released, with review request reviewers

December 22, GitLab announced the latest release of the GitRepository manager “GitLab 13.7”.

GitLab is a platform for DevOps. It started out as a Git repository manager, and then has extended its capabilities into source code management, package management, CI/CD toolchains, and more. It offers the free Community Edition and the paid Enterprise Edition. GitLab 13.7 is the latest stable version of GitLab 13 series released in May. It includes more than 45 feature enhancements.

This release brings a few improvements in regards to merge requests. There is a new feature that lets you ask specific people to review a merge request, and a notification is sent to those who are asked to review.  To make generating similar issues more efficient, issues now support /clone. By using it, you can create a new issue in the same project, with the same title, description, and metadata. Now the Environment page shows deployment status. Previously, you couldn’t see the progress of a deployment when viewing the Environment page, but now this improvement allows you to quickly check the deployment status and alerts.

GitLab Runner container image for Red Hat OpenShift is now available as one of the features offered in the free plan. GitLab Runner is an application that runs CI/CD jobs in a pipeline.  

An auto rollback feature in case of a failure during deployment is available as a part of the premium plan.