RebornOS 2021-03-03 04:48 (by rafael-uy)

DownloadRebornOS is a distribution based on Arch Linux
It starts as an Antergos bifurcation, offering more options during its installation, based on the Antergos cnchi installer, using the latter's repository, and one of its own.
Once the development of Antergos is finished, RebornOS becomes an independent distribution, no longer depending on the Antergos repository, but on its own repository (besides, of course, the Arch Linux repositories).
It currently offers a cnchi-based installer, which works w...


XTBook 2021-03-02 22:59 (by watamario15)

Download【XTBook】MediaWiki Viewer for Sharp Brain:XTBook is an application software developed by Nexhawks and allows you to browse MediaWiki-based Wikis on a SHARP Brain series electronic dictionary, a Windows PC, and a Mac. This software supports Wikiplexus-formatted data generated from a dump file of a MediaWiki-based Wiki and Image-Complex-formatted data generated from image files. Also, XTBook can search articles in a second from more than 1,000,000 keys by using a searching database embedded ...

Clonezilla 2021-03-02 21:42 (by steven_shiau)

DownloadClonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program similar to True Image®. It saves and restores only used blocks in hard drive. Two types of Clonezilla are available, Clonezilla live and Clonezilla SE (Server Edition).
* Filesystem supported: ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, jfs of GNU/Linux, FAT, NTFS of MS Windows, HFS+ of Mac OS, UFS of BSD, minix of Minix and VMFS of VMWare ESX. Therefore you can clone GNU/Linux, MS windows and Intel-based Mac OS, no matter it's 32-bit (x86) or 6...

rpi-dmonitor 2021-03-02 14:43 (by jk1zrw)

DownloadNo ChangeLog/ReleaseNote/Project Description written in this language. Please refer link bellow for other languages and/or other release informations.

KiCad 2021-03-02 08:32 (by mroszko)


KiCad is an open-source electronics CAD tool. You can create schematics and design PCBs using an extensive open source library of parts. View your resulting PCBs in 3D and export to gerbers for manufacturing.


WinMerge Japanese 2021-03-01 23:44 (by sdottaka)

DownloadNo ChangeLog/ReleaseNote/Project Description written in this language. Please refer link bellow for other languages and/or other release informations.

LFSbook in Japanese 2021-03-01 09:58 (by matsuand)


lfssysdja-10.1-html.tar.bz2: Japanese LFSbook 10.1, html version lfssysdja-10.1-nochunks.html.bz2: Japanese LFSbook 10.1, html nochunks version lfssysdja-10.1.pdf: Japanese LFSbook 10.1, PDF version lfssysdja-10.1.txt.bz2: Japanese LFSbook 10.1, text version wget-list md5sums


zgmn-x2-s2-pe-unofficial 2021-02-28 14:43 (by zhaoguomanong)


Nitrux 2021-02-28 08:02 (by uri_herrera)

DownloadToday is the day! — Nitrux 1.3.8 is available to downloadWe are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.3.8. This new version brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.
Nitrux 1.3.8 is available for immediate download.
Due to OSDN file size limitations, the ISO image is split into multiple parts; to join them, run the following command.
cat nitrux-release-amd64_2021.02.27.iso.part.* > nitrux-release-amd64_2021.02....


PictMaster 2021-02-27 18:00 (by intron)

Combinatorial testing tool PictMaster.

This is an Excel based, free software called PictMaster, which automatically creates test cases for the combinatorial testing of the software on Excel.

PICT, which is free software from Microsoft that ...

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