Easy-Cloud-Shell 2019-07-07 17:53 (by subhra74)

Simple and easy to use web based file manager, that lets you perform common activities on remote Linux servers both on mobile and desktop.You can use your browser to create, edit and manage files, run commands and search. It includes a tabbed file manager, terminal, tabbed text editor, image viewer, video player and a search utility. Also its installation is simple and easy so you can set it up easily (with https) and access you Linux server from a...

DownloadThis is the official download site for the latest packages originating from the MinGW.org Project
MinGW is a native Windows port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), with freely distributable import libraries and header files for building native Windows applications; includes extensions to the MSVC runtime to support C99 functionality. Although (currently) offering only a 32-bit compiler suite, all of MinGW's software will execute on the 64bit Windows platforms.
MinGW is a registered tradema...


Berry Linux 2019-07-04 23:36 (by sylphia)


CD bootable and Easy Setup Linux.
Based on Red Hat Fedora and Knoppix 3.3.
Using new technologies.

pSync 2019-07-04 22:25 (by kobayasy)

DownloadNo ChangeLog/ReleaseNote/Project Description written in this language. Please refer link bellow for other languages and/or other release informations.

Fess 2019-07-04 14:42 (by shinsuke)

Java Service Wrapper 2019-07-04 00:00 (by maxime-tsl)

DownloadThe Java Service Wrapper line of products are highly configurable tools which not only allow Java applications to be installed and controlled like native Windows Services or UNIX daemon processes, but also include advanced fault detection software which monitors an application. The Java Service Wrapper is able to detect crashes, freezes, out of memory and other exception events, then notify you via email when there is a problem. It does not stop there however, the Java Service Wrapper is uniq...


phoyo-id 2019-07-03 00:53 (by phoyo-contact)


PhoyoID is a free (open source) graphical user interface that helps to print photographs that conform to the biometric passport standards. No need to use a public photo booth anymore if you have this software, a printer and the appropriate paper.


openGion Project 2019-07-02 11:26 (by takahashi_m)

DownloadNo ChangeLog/ReleaseNote/Project Description written in this language. Please refer link bellow for other languages and/or other release informations.


Lpro 2019-07-01 21:08 (by mrkaban)

DownloadProgram for checking the licenses of installed programs. It displays the license, distribution conditions, approximate cost (if the program is paid) and a freely available replacement (if any).
In the English version, some functions are disabled. This is due to the fact that English is not my native language. Further development of the English version is in question. If there is a great interest in the English version, and there will be assistants, then the English version is likely to be upd...


simutrans OTRP 2019-06-30 07:58 (by himeshi)

DownloadPlease refer https://github.com/teamhimeh/simutrans/blob/OTRP-distribute/documentation/OTRP_information_en.md about this project.
OTRP is a modified version of simutrans that some features are added to.
・Road vehicles take full advantage of two lanes. You can build and enjoy a 4-lane highway.
・For road, "citycars do not enter" and "avoid becoming cityroad" features are available.
・Regional mass build and land raise/lower tools are available. These tools are extremely us...
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