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旧Opera (Presto版 バージョン12.18以前)で、DMM.comのサンプルビデオを視聴可能にします。

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a) project name: log management system 2016/3 - 2017/6

Description of the project: the employee records the tasks assigned by the superior, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and final

Make recommendations to the staff according to the log.

Responsibility description: system analysis, design, development.

Development tools: Oracle +MyEclipse + Dreamweaver

Development technology: Jsp+Servlet+Jdbc+Oracle

(two) project name: Datang mission management system 2016/6 - 2017/9

Project Description: including employee management, task management, planning management.

Responsibility description: system analysis, design, development.

Development tools: Oracle +MyEclipse + Dreamweaver

Development technology: Struts + JavaBean+Jsp +Hibernate+ JavaScript

(three) project name: online shopping system 2008/9 - 2008/12

Project Description: including employee management, merchandise management, order management, authority management;

Responsibility description: system analysis, design, development.

Development tools: Oracle +MyEclipse + Dreamweaver

Development technology: Struts +Jsp +Hibernate+Spring+ JavaScript

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A simple DNS forwarder
Main Fetures:
1.Forwarding queries to customized domains (and their subdomains) to specified servers over a specified protocol (UDP or TCP). non-standard ports are supported;
2.DNS cache and its controls (including modifying TTL for different domains);
3.Ignoring DNS responses from upstream servers containing particular IPs;
4.Loading hosts from file (including the support for wildcards, CName redirections and remote hosts files);
5.Refusing queries to specified domains (for ads blocking?);
6.Cross-platform (Windows, Linux);

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One of the fastest Linux distributions - combined with the lightweight tiling window manager i3. Configuration maintained by rollling release packages, constantly tested by the vibrant manjaro community. stable - always up-to-date - fully customizable. Enjoy the simplicity!

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Anadolu Panteri has been established in Turkey as an individual and institutional company in order to give Linux support to every sector. The goal is to be able to meet the needs of developers with specially structured scripts, as well as simple and basic needs that enable us to work together at home, even on the office, and with ease of use.

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Archman GNU/Linux, Arch based linux distribution. Easy, lightweight and fast linux distribution. Uses the Xfce desktop environment. We are using Arch linux repositories. There is a repository named archman_repo for our own special packages. We do not want to grow this repository too much because we will leave some customizations to the user. Archman GNU/Linux, will provide both convenience and adventure to Arch users. We have unsupported video cards and wireless drivers in our repositories. In addition to these, package managers (pamac-octopi) are also available in our repositories. Default package manager is PAMAC.

Archman will use a wild cat codename for each stable version. The first codename is Leptailurus Serval. Each stable release will be a wild cat with backgrounds and wallpapers. Archman GNU/Linux uses calamares as system installer

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KTX is a lightweight tail application for Windows.

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Neos Sans

Designed by Noel Cendana using FontLab Studio and FontForge

Neos Sans is a Pan-Unicode and Pan-CJK typeface family which provides full support for all scripts around the world, all in one font. It also includes Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic glyphs from Apple's San Francisco family. All told, each font weight in the family has a total of 63,744 glyphs (which includes characters for modern and ancient scripts), and the entire family rounds out at just over 51 million total glyphs. The fonts are 100% compatible with Unicode 9.0 and are available under the SIL OFL or GNU GPL license.

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An experimental purely functional programming language (byte-code compiler and interpreter) with a syntax similar to Haskell but using eager evaluation instead of lazy evaluation.

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