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starter kit TBA starter kit TBA starter kit TBA

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Escuelas Linux
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Escuelas Linux is a free educational distribution, aimed from preschool to high schools.

It is a distribution that offers, as part of the setup, one user account completely configured, up to the last details. A user has no need to download any file, modify file configurations nor compile anything. Every app came included and ready to work for its use in educational environments.

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Engineering multiple Networks by using multiple open source projects.

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GNU Health
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GNU Health is a Libre Digital Health ecosystem that provides the tools for individuals, health professionals, institutions and governments to proactively assess and improve the underlying determinants of health, from the socioeconomic agents to the molecular basis of disease. From primary health care to precision medicine.

GNU Health is a Libre, community driven project from GNU Solidario, a non-profit humanitarian organization focused on Social Medicine. Our project has been adopted by multilateral organizations to national public health systems around the world.

The following are the main components that make up the GNU Health ecosystem:

* Hospital Information System: Its modular design allows to be deployed in many different scenarios: from small private offices, to large, national public health systems. It covers the functionality of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Management and Health Information System (HIS).

GNU Health HIS component is standard-based, and it provides over 40 packages/modules (primary care, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, lims, genetics, diagnostic imaging, reporting...) to fit your institution needs. The GH HMIS combines the socioeconomic determinants of health with state-of-the-art technology in bioinformatics and clinical genetics. It manages the internal processes of a health institution, such as financial management, billing, stock management, pharmacies or labs (LIMS)

* Laboratory (LIMS): GNU LIMS, also known as Occhiolino, is a modern Laboratory Information Management System for the healthcare and biomedical sectors, that has emerged as a GNU Health sub-project.

The Laboratory Modules manage the request, creation and evaluation of laboratory analyses. As far as the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) functionality, GNU Health is very flexible. You will be able to link it to the patient chart and to the financial management of the Health Center

* Personal Health Record: MyGNUHealth is the upcoming GH's Personal Health Record application that integrates to the GNU Health Federation, focused on desktop and and mobile devices.

MyGNUHealth development uses the latest mobile and desktop technology, such as Qt, KDE Plasma and the Kirigami framework. MyGNUHealth Personal Health Record is a privacy-oriented PHR, that will put the citizen and the patient in control of her health and medical information. MyGNUHealth will boost and improve the interaction between citizens and the health professionals, with up-to-date information on demographics and medical information.

* The GNU Health Federation: The GNU Health Federation allows to build large, nation wide federated networks with thousands of heterogeneous nodes. The GNU Health federation is revolutionary, and will provide the community, the health practitioners, the research institutions and the ministries of health to have much better perspective and precise information on the individuals and their context.

The GNU Health Federation project aims to build a community based, federated health network among different regions and in a country, and, why not, among countries around the globe. A federation can be as large as you want. From a small regional federated network with several nodes, to a large, nationwide health network with thousands / millions of participating nodes.

* GNU Health Embedded: Single-board Computers (SBC) are devices with a huge potential for the Public Health System when partnering with GNU Health. They can provide real-time monitoring of vital signs in hospital settings, retrieve information from laboratory instruments or be a great Personal Health tracker. They are also a great resource for research and academic institutions.

* Social Medicine: Single-board Computers (SBC) are devices with a huge potential for the Public Health System when partnering with GNU Health. They can provide real-time monitoring of vital signs in hospital settings, retrieve information from laboratory instruments or be a great Personal Health tracker. They are also a great resource for research and academic institutions.

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This is a repository for the Manjaro Linux distribution, the available packages are adjusted from the AUR for the Manjaro Linux.

To add the repository to your system, download and install the package https://osdn.dl.osdn.net/storage/g/m/ma/manjariando/repo-manjariando.pkg.tar.zst

After installing the repo-manjariando.pkg.tar.zst package on your system, delete the package from your hard drive.

At the moment only the testing branch is working, if you use Manjaro in the stable branch, do not install the repo-manjariando.pkg.tar.zst package for now.

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This is the repository created for uploading and managing report files and its codes.

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Best Distro Repository Here you can find the ISO/IMG images and HTML file.

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Welcome to EZArcher

The EZArcher Cala Linux ISO is a full featured Arch Linux desktop with Xfce. The live system comes with many common desktop software packages and tools to install Arch Linux on your system. There are three installation methods, the Calamares Installer Framework and my own ezarch scripts. The Calamares installer is located in the System menu and titled EZArcher Installer. Finally, there is also the choice to use the install guides to copy and paste commands that will install Arch, the Arch Way.

The live user's /home folder has an ezarcher folder with several folders containing all the project files for the ezarcher system. The ~/ezarcher/Docs folder contains some introductory readme files and suggested steps to enhance the system. The ~/ezarcher/Guides folder has the original ezarch install guides with each step to install an Arch system from scratch. The ~/ezarcher/Scripts folder contains the ezarch.bios and ezarch.uefi install scripts to perform an menu driven Arch installation.

User password: live Root password: toor

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The eznixOS is a respin of Debian GNU/Linux, currently based on the Debian 10 Buster release. The Debian live-build tool is used to build the ISO and I have included a folder located under /usr/share/eznixOS107/eznix107 containing all the necessary build files and build script used to create the respin. I include all the files with the aim to help educate those willing to learn how to build your own live-build created Debian respins.

This respin was built by my bldeznix107 script but can also be built identically by following the prepare-howto.txt and bldeznix107-howto.txt files. The build process has been completely automated as long as you do not need to make any adjustments. The bldeznix107 will build a complete respin of Debian Buster with all of the eznixOS customizations. If you want to utilize the script to produce your own respin, you will need to edit various parts of the script. The script is documented and should be easy enough to rework into something personal for you.

The ISO contains all the eznixOS build related files inside the /usr/share/eznixOS107/eznix107 folder. Any changes to the files or the folder names must be represented in the bldeznix107 script. The script relies on certain folder names and files to operate correctly. Read the comments in the bldeznix107 script and the prepare-howto.txt and bldeznix107-howto.txt files for guidance. The /eznix107 folder must reside in the same directory as the bldeznix107 script. Anything can be changed to suit your needs, but the changes must be identical in both the script and the folder structure around it.

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Download RohieOS for your device

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