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Forged from bazaar (https://launchpad.net/skyscraper) completely , We still figure how to compile the project what the former developer left

The project is abandoned. I place here not for finding a way to reboot, Also like keeping that one longer, You proably know what is the dangerous when there is only one point.

Anyway, Please fork that one, Back that up asap when you see that one, Thank you.

If you like discussing something further such as supporting in bucks or in crypto such as ETH and BTC, it is welcome contacting us.

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Garden is a set of services, primarily in an Infrastructure-as-Code format, to bring up a Project Celadon school site. In theory, this could be used to host any kind of manifest data, and from that, automatically provision and deploy site-level services.

This project is licensed in such a way that it, and all services associated with it, will be kept open for the sake of accountability, veracity, education, and should Project Celadon or the Garden project be superseded, posterity.

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An Arch Based Linux distribution with GUI and custom tools (in beta) this is my first build

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a custom spin of the Manjaro MATE edition


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my private tool to discover and research trends of digital media

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CI scripts to build https://github.com/xiaorouji/openwrt-passwall built with official OpenWRT SDK.

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pworg stands for "Personal Web Organizer". It is a calendar system that allows one to keep track of appointments, todo items and notes.

pworg is a web application written entirely in PHP and relies on SQLite for storage, hence it is very easy to install.

MIT license.

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CutefishOS is a Linux desktop operating system that focuses on simplicity, beauty and practicality. Our goal is to provide users with a comfortable interface design, a better user experience, and meet the needs of various scenarios.

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