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Proyecto que contiene un ECE (Expediente Clínico Electrónico)

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A test repository for automated SVN Functions.

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this is web project for admin backend

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After developing few popular robotic projects like line follower robot, edge avoiding robot, DTMF robot, gesture controlled robot, etc. in this project we are going to develop a bluetooth controlled robo car. Here we used a Bluetooth module to control the car, and it is also an android based application

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The project to develop Battlefield code. It is the game software targeting on macOS and iOS. The software is distributed under GPL 2.0.

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Ricmeter is a device to measure electronic components like resistors, capacitors and inductors. It does so using a basic voltage divider. By using an AC signal with a programmable frequency we can measure capacitors in the range 1mF down to 10pF, resistors between 10 ohm and 10 Mohm and inductors between 100nH and 1H. Because both the amplitude of the phase are measured the meter can idientity the type of component connected to its input leads and determine the parasitic properties of the connected component. The meter uses the principle that the analog signal is digitized early in the process and all signal processing is done in software. The project contains the electronic schematics, a PCB layout (including gerber files), source code including intel hex file) and a 3d design of an enclosure.

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A Project for Programing the crab szenario in an agil way

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CL-Sack is a Common Lisp library for making and manipulating Sack files, which are data containers similar to WAD files for Doom.

Also included are the command line programs Sacked, a tool to create and edit Sack files, and Sackyhack, a tool to examine Sack files at a lower level.

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