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Lebesgue measurable predictor on long span expectation value constant ratio ignored possibly stable in numerical test. Lebesgue measurable condition needs deterministic calculation on original data stream on the range invariant structure defined (and/or categorized one including 0 vector), because of this, the argument we need to this can be large enough. The initial points are not predicted depends on argument.

The reason we cannot predict next one step directly is from the condition modern PRNGs, so they doesn't shows all of the inner status in short span. Instead of them, we suppose Lebesgue measurable condition, they causes only the statistical method nor structure they often fails works well. A statistical method concludes sectional summation prediction, so they concludes the prediction often fails, but this predictor can be recursively treated. If this asymptotic to linear graph, we can bet better result with Condorcet jury theorem, but doing with PRNGs, they needs decimal 4 digit or more process time differed to original prediction, so this cannot be experimented in my machine from speed restriction.

If original function is Riemann measurable, only P0 class works better. With the condition Riemann measurable, even flip only the 1-step before works also better. Flipping operation is equivalent to the return to the average in short range, so if we cannot make any invariant on input condition, they works better.

version 2022/05/20 predicts better but if there's singular prediction matrix, doesn't works well. This is the rare case a pair of plain prediction / multiply inverse value prediction / return to average in walk condition are the parallel quantity prediction on the range invariant defined. And in such case, we can define implicit but strong condition.

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An open source blockchain knowledge project

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Last Update: 2019-12-30 15:08

The Fenxios operating system dedicated to making Linux have better package management.

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A Python module and command-line program that rearranges data from a crosstabulated format to a normalized format. See https://pypi.org/project/un-xtab/

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Miyo-Rolling (based on NuTyX/GNU-Linux)
Last Update: 2020-01-11 19:50

LastUpdate: 2020-01-11 16:42

From the creator of MiyoLinux, Miyo-Rolling is based on NuTyX GNU/Linux and has the honor of being recognized as an official NuTyX derivative.

While staying true to the vision of delivering a minimal and base Linux operating system (which allows the user to decide what goes on their system), Miyo-Rolling provides a semi-rolling release that is extremely stable...thanks to the underlying NuTyX system. It is only available as a 64bit operating system.

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Venom Linux
Last Update: 2021-11-15 01:51

LastUpdate: 2021-11-15 01:51

Venom Linux is source based linux distribution build from scratch following KISS philosophy and targeting experienced users.

Bugs/Issues: https://github.com/venomlinux/ports/issues

Wiki: https://github.com/venomlinux/ports/wiki

Ports: https://venomlinux.org/packages

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TWRP for x2
Last Update: 2020-07-08 13:36

LastUpdate: 2020-07-08 11:43

test builds of TWRP for x2

meant for the LeEco Le Max 2 (x820, x821, x822 and x829)

XDA forum link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/le-max-2/development/test-twrp-3-2-1-0-leeco-le-max-2-t3734209

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Last Update: 2019-12-28 01:59

Journal article on the use of Free / open source software in scientific research.

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A remix of Ubuntu with the i3 desktop. This is just Ubuntu remixed with the i3 desktop. Preview versions will NOT be anywhere close to complete

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Zetta-Ømnis Technology Solutions
Last Update: 2022-05-09 23:43

Full website!

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