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3. party software repackaged by Martin.Vahi@softf1.com

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HySCM is a source code management system which supports distributed version control, autosync, and built based on blockchain concepts and principles. HySCM originally designed to support cLHy web server and other Hyang projects. But it's also working using HySCM built-in (stand-alone) server or within other popular web servers.

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This is SVN repository for Hyang core development. Hyang is a general purpose programming and scripting language. The Hyang 1.3 contains functionality for a large number of mathematical algorithms, AI, data science, data engineering, IoT, and other modern computational tasks including advanced statistical analysis with robust methods, linear and generalized linear models, nonlinear regression models, time series analysis, classical parametric/nonparametric tests, clustering, smoothing, etc. There is also a large set of functions which provide a flexible graphical environment for creating various kinds of data presentations.

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alirezarahimi negativ honest a1314

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A form tracking system for a university administration.

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OpenTyrian patches + mods from David Lee Ludwig (DLL)

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Create random playlist that work with the Linn Majik DSM

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This Project is for shareing Android ROM Builds made by our Team. We are supporting a ranch of Xiaomi Devices with Snapdragon 660 CPU and want to share it with the worldwide web

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Backup subversion repositories on Windows clients.

This is currently in development.

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A Manjaro spin using a DWM fork and lots of customized desktop environment related software like a custom menu, custom lock screen, wallpaper generator etc... Basically if mint can have a different name than Ubuntu because of cinnamon, so can I. This is not a community edition of Manjaro (yet?) because I am 1. Not good experienced enough yet(figuring out how to use calamares atm)/do not have the time to maintain something like this. 2. Do not plan to adhere to all of Manjaro's principles like shipping with pamac and their Gtk theme (a Manjaro theme is available though) This is VEEERY work in progress at the moment.


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