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OpenWrt unofficial software source

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An APT repository for packages/software that can't be found in the RPi repositories. Fully supports 32-bit debian-based operating systems (ARM). See below for information on 64-bit support.

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un proyecto para guardar foto.video.pdf una plaforma online global similar a google plus

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It's a free PHP counter originally developed by FanatiKo

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devuan customizations with LXDE desktop versions 32 and 64 bits light low consumption of ram with variety of wifi driver for connectivity and adaptation to the needs of each user, installer refracta live cd cristiano user pass 1234 root pass 1234, greetings and blessings

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Hi, I am a Magento Developer and having 5+ years of experience. Right now I am working in a professional Magento development company. Here I handle Magento to Shopify data migration projects. I also worked on Figma to Magento design. https://www.brihaspatitech.com/psd-to-magento/

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DrumMidiEditorは、ドラム用のMIDI編集ソフトです。 開発言語:C#(.NET Framework)によるWindowsアプリ

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My project is a fan project to help you master VMOS technology

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This project is use to synchronize our source with user

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"My Own Backup System", or "Mathieu Olivier's Backup System", is a Python module and an application to create, test, and restore file backups. The backups are created using standard file formats such a ZIP archives and JSON files, which allows the restoration of a backed up file even without the MOBS tool. It supports full or incremental backups. Although it's developed on Linux first, MOBS aims to become a cross-platform backup solution

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