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ゲームプレイなどに役立つ、小さなソフトウェアを配布しています。 とりあえず、ゲーム内のバフ・デバフ能力の時間切れを待つためのタイマを作りました。

System Requirements

Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)
Perhaps it works on Windows 7/8.

The file "" at the bottom of this page is required for the running after version 0.67.

(As a special case, version 0.90 includes JRE.)

# How to run this software

1. Download AbilityTimerV?_??.zip and .
2. Extract the two zip files to an arbitrary location.
3. Organize their contents into one folder.
4. Double click AbilityTimer.exe .
5. Clicking on the left side of the window will start the timer.
6. When the timer reaches 0 seconds or clicking the timer, it returns to the original state.

other infomation availabe on

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2019-02-27 18:31
Review by Livyatan

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Great and usefull application!
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