Project Description

This is an Ada utility that can play WAV files on Windows, OSX, and Linux, using Ada tasking and OpenAL libraries. It includes a partial Ada binding to OpenAL.

It provides sound-playing capabilities for Ada apps to:

* asynchronously start and stop music/sound loops, * initiate transient sounds, * allow unlimited sound concurrency.

Examples for each O.S. are included.

* Suitable for any Ada application that requires background or transient sound effects; eg. games, simulations. * There are no software dependencies; this package is self-contained.

System Requirements

Windows, Linux, or Mac/OSX with GNU Ada installed


The proper command to extract the archive and maintain the directory structure is "7z x filename".This download contains all source code, documents, and examples. Show How to Install


win32 Windows aoal30sep22.7z (Date: 2022-11-08, Size: 10.70 MB)
macosx Mac aoal30sep22.7z (Date: 2022-11-08, Size: 10.70 MB)
linux Linux aoal30sep22.7z (Date: 2022-11-08, Size: 10.70 MB)

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