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AdaVenture is a kid-friendly retro point & click game, intended as a reincarnation in 3D of the original Atari game named "Adventure", with various artistic extrapolations. The mazes have interconnections that are impossible in 3 dimensions, but are painstakingly exact reproductions of those in the original game. In fact, the "./mapRoom" subdirectory contains the original maps to help guide you.

Runs on Windows, OSX, and GNU/Linux.


* no installation * no dependencies * simply unzip in your Downloads directory, and run.

Set in ancient Persia, it begins outside the castle of the young King Xerxes, who inherited a magical golden chalice from his father, Darius the Great. Coveted by Greek foes King Leonidas of Sparta and King Minos of Crete, the chalice has been stolen.

Your quest is to seek and return the royal chalice to its pedestal within the castle of Xerxes...a stealth mission to preclude open hostilities. But, there will be obstacles to overcome. You must find the keys to various realms, defend yourself against dragons and the Minotaur, avoid snakes and pesky bats who steal things only to drop them in random locations, and survive the maze of the green mamba and crazed, flesh-eating scarabs.

System Requirements

M.S. Windows
Apple OSX


Short Version: Unzip the *.7z file.  It contains all the source code, as well as resources and executables for Linux, Windows, and OSX. The application's root directory [./avent/] contains fil... Show How to Install


win32 Windows av18jan22.7z (Date: 2022-01-17, Size: 104.80 MB)
macosx Mac av18jan22.7z (Date: 2022-01-17, Size: 104.80 MB)
linux Linux av18jan22.7z (Date: 2022-01-17, Size: 104.80 MB)

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