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Project Description

ADP (Another Data Processor) is a programming language is designed for Web database programing. It is a scripting language and a lightweight programming language in which it is possible to mix SQL easily. It is easy to install.

System Requirements

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Released at 2011-09-13 21:10
ADP 0.75 (8 files Hide)

Release Notes

Bugs were fixed.
The predicate(_table_quote) was deleted.
Predicates(_db_quote, _db_default_quote) were added.

insert / update / delete のバグフィックス
組込み述語(_db_quote / _db_default_quote)の追加


insert / update / delete でメモリリークのバグフィックス
組込み述語(_table_quote)を削除し、組込み述語(_db_quote / _db_default_quote)を追加した。